Mermoss Skin | Rose & Sea Moss | Luxury Beauty Oil

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Open the cap, close your eyes, breathe deep and feel yourself escape into a secret rose garden.

Treat yourself to this indulgent beauty oil with enchanting rosebuds and seamoss. A handpicked blend of organic restorative oils to pamper and replenish your skin. Beauty oils are left to infuse for 8 weeks to allow all the minerals of sea moss to infuse into the oil. With pure rose oil to indulge your senses and take you into a moment of escapism. Use post shower, in the bath, on your hair or even as a fragrance oil on pulse points.

An absolute favourite and perfect gift.


Free from parabens palm oil and animal derived ingredients. Handmade with love.

Wide mouth jar to allow bottle to be emptied and reused/recycled.


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