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What Exactly is Sea Moss?

Sea moss is also known as Irish sea moss or Caribbean sea moss and is a nutrient dense superfood used for generations believed to boost health and enhance skin. It is a type of sea vegetable that grows on rocks underwater and is an excellent dietary supplement with a rich natural source of essential minerals and macronutrients.

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Why Mermoss Sea Moss?

Our goal was to make the most Premium Sea Moss gel available in the UK, with maximum benefits, that was affordable and accessible to everyone. So we blend the finest sea moss varieties with filtered alkaline water stored in copper tanks to bring you only the best.

Using only the best sea moss varieties we could find blended with filtered alkaline pH 9.0 water and 100% organic, ethically sourced ingredients. We believe we have the finest, highest quality sea moss gels the UK has to offer!

Mermoss has an abundance of key health benefits including helping to support the immune system, rebuilding collagen as a source of vegan collagen, boosting energy levels and maintaining general gut health. Mermoss sea moss can also be used topically with multiple benefits for skin and hair, truly making it a true all round powerhouse!

We have spent months trying & tasting hundreds of different varieties of sea moss, flavours and ingredients to formulate a gel with the best taste, texture and health benefits. All our products have been repeatedly sample tested on pesky humans to test, rate, approve and our collection is finally here!

Caribbean Sea Moss

At Mermoss, we use a combination of high quality sea moss varieties that are wildcrafted and ethically sourced from trusted farmers in Jamaica and St Lucia, bringing you the best from the Caribbean.

Irish Moss and Caribbean Moss, what is the difference?

There are a myriad of different types of sea moss with confusing information all over the internet. Irish Moss is a red based algae grown in cold waters known as Chondrus Crispus. True Irish Moss only grows in cold and calm waters. Caribbean sea moss grows in warm waters and usually comes in different forms of Graciliara or Eucheuma (usually gold sea moss or purple sea moss) but is also sometimes confusingly referred to as Irish Moss. 

Although Chondrus Crispus is the name of the sea moss referred to by Dr Sebi (a famous herbalist and huge advocate of sea moss), during his seminars he held up and presented Graciliara varieties from the Caribbean (whilst still referring to them as Chondrus Crispus).

They are both mosses but different species hence why there is so much confusion and why often Graciliara varieties are misnamed.