Frequently Asked Questions

We try to provide as much information as possible for you to be able to make your own decision on whether you think Mermoss is right for you.

How does Mermoss delivery work?

We post every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday only with next day delivery. This is to make sure you get a freshly made batch from our professional kitchen and to ensure next day delivery (which is why we don't post on weekends).

How long does one jar of Mermoss sea moss last?

We NEVER stock gel. All our products are freshly made to order and will have a best before date on the package. This is usually 2 weeks from receiving the gel. Our 320ml jars will provide a 14 day supply and our 250ml pouches provide a 10 day supply (based on 1-2 tbsp/day).

Please do not 'double dip' into your gel, and use a clean spoon each time. As Mermoss has no preservatives, this prevents contamination and keeps your gel fresh and longer lasting.

How do I store Mermoss Sea Moss?

As soon as your receive your delivery, please unpackage and place in the fridge for 2 hours to allow the gel to get back to the correct consistency. Keep in the fridge.

How do I take Mermoss Sea Moss? 

As Mermoss sea moss is a powerful superfood, we recommend 1 tbsp a day (and no more than 2 tbsp). If you are new to dietary supplements, you may prefer to begin with 1 teaspoon a day and increase gradually. Our Original Gold Blend can also be used topically, please see our 'Recipes & Uses' page for further information.

Can I take Mermoss Sea Moss daily?

Absolutely! We highly recommend a spoon a day, anytime of the day. However as with all supplements, our recommendation is to take a break every now and again so your body can get the full benefits when you resume your intake.

Why does my Mermoss sometimes look different?

Our sea moss is sun dried before soaking and can sometimes vary in colour due to its nature. Every batch can vary in colour but this does not change the benefits in each batch!

Are there any allergens in Mermoss?

Crustacean. As sea moss is a natural product, there is a small chance that occasionally crustacean may be present. Our sea moss is responsibly sourced however this is always a possibility. 

Can anyone take Mermoss Sea Moss Gel?

Based on our research, we do not recommend our products for those with iodine sensitivity or those on anticoagulants (blood thinning medications). We also do not recommend for children, pregnant women or breast feeding women as there is not enough research to support it. If you have any underlying health conditions or are unsure, please consult with a professional.

Is Mermoss Sea Moss suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians?

Yes! Mermoss was founded by a vegan and has a strict zero tolerance for animal ingredients, testing and cruelty. Mermoss is also source of vegan collagen which is hugely beneficial to vegans without any nasty crushed up animal bones. We only test on pesky humans!

Is your packaging recyclable?

Our postal packaging is paper based and fully recyclable. Our Plastic pouches can be recycled depending on different boroughs in the UK, please check your local recycling. All our jars have easily removeable labels and can be reused and recycled. We love to see what you do with your jars so Tag us in your pics @mermoss.ldn!

Do you ship internationally?

Not currently

Who can I contact?

We always welcome feedback and suggestions. Please see the 'contact us' tab.