Key Benefits of Mermoss Sea Moss

Sea Moss is a nutrient dense superfood packed full of essential vitamins and minerals! It has an abundance of benefits, some of which are outlined below.

We use key limes in our soaking process to retain all nutrients and blend only with filtered pH Alkaline water (see our 'Alkaline Benefits' page tabs).
Mermoss Original Gold sea moss gel can be ingested for some great health benefits, but it can also be used topically for skin and hair in a myriad of ways (see our 'Recipes & Uses' page in tabs).

Key Vitamins & Minerals:

Our body requires 102 different minerals and sea moss gel contains around a whopping 92 of them! (with the addition of Bladderwrack in our 'Create you own Fantasea blend', it provides the full 102 mineral profile).
Essential vitamins and minerals in Mermoss include Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Potassium, Zinc, Vitamins A, B, C, K and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Key Benefits of Sea Moss:

Supports Healthy Immune System

Mermoss sea moss is an immune system boosting superfood thanks to the abundance of vitamins and minerals it contains! A natural detox, the mucilage from Sea Moss is high in potassium chloride which goes to work breaking down catarrh (mucus build up), puling toxins from the cells naturally, meaning it is great for congestion, colds, flu and smokers too.

Supports Thyroid Function

The abundant amount of iodine present in sea moss helps in the production of thyroid hormones, which help keep cells and the metabolic rate (the speed at which chemical reactions take place in the body) healthy.

Promotes Digestive Health

Sea moss contains probiotics which improve the gut microbiome which then improves digestion. Gut health has been largely linked to skin health, so shine inside and out with Mermoss! It is rich in fibre which promotes bowel movements. It also contains mucilage, a viscous substance, which forms a slippery soapy lining in the bowels which helps waste to move easily out of the body.

Source of Vegan Collagen

Mermoss sea moss is made up of collagen proteins, bringing you amazing skin hair and nails in one solution! Collagen proteins also repair and strengthen the connective tissues of your muscles. Truly is Nature's botox.  Finally a vegan collagen with no animal products!

Skin Hair & Nails Support

Thanks to all the essential minerals and vitamins in sea moss, it helps to support the health of skin, hair and nails, promoting hair growth both when ingested and applied topically. Antioxidants in sea moss help fight free radicals in the body to slow down aging and cell damage.

Helps Maintain Healthy Weight

Sea moss helps create feelings of fullness as it is high in soluble fibre and modulates your guts friendly bacteria thanks to probiotics, keeping things moving and helping you maintain a healthy weight.


Adding Mermoss sea moss to a post-workout recovery drink is ideal as it has anti-inflammatory properties and nutrients to help your body recovery after an intense workout. The mucilage properties of sea moss is excellent in strengthening connective tissues and supporting joint health. The anti-inflammatory property in sea moss enables the sea moss to reduce inflammation in any part of the body and may help ease mild arthritis symptoms and body aches. 

Blood Sugar Balancing

It has also been identified that sea moss can help to regulate blood sugar levels due to it's Omegas, Magnesium & Zinc minerals. It may be beneficial for those with diabetes and pre-diabetics to help balance blood sugar. The natural omega-3s in sea moss also help to support heart health.

Enhances Libido & Feel Good Hormones

Sea Moss provides excellent sexual support for both men and women and has been often named as 'natures viagra'. The essential minerals Zinc & Folate improves blood flow for better sexual health as well as all round well-being and feel good hormones. Try our Mermoss 'chocoholics anonymous' blend and share with your partner for the ultimate aphrodisiac.