Mermoss Skin SEA MOSS Soap MIX & MATCH

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Option to mix and match soap

Soap 1: SEAMOSS OCEAN SOAP A beautifully hydrating sulphate free soap with sea moss, gently cleanses and leaves your skin soft and silky. Delicately scented with an oceanic fragrance for that morning shower escape. Perfect gift to yourself or a loved one. For body.

Soap 2: SEAMOSS CHARCOAL, TEATREE, TAMANU TURMERIC SOAP. A deep cleansing aloe sea moss soap. Activated charcoal removes impurities and gently exfoliates, Turmeric balances calms and brightens the skin. With precious Tamanu oil from Tahiti which contains hydrating fatty acids and collagen builders to renew and replenish. Tea tree oil heals and refreshes. 

Soap 3: SEAMOSS HYDRASCRUB SOAP. Our newest addition. Lavender turmeric & shea hydrascrubby soap with seamoss. Gently exfoliates with poppy seeds and leaves skin feeling silky and hydrated.

No Parabens, sulphates or animal derived ingredients.

This product is handmade with love and may have some differences in shape or 'swirls' depending on the batch.

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