Luxury 3 Step Skincare Gift Set | Seamoss Mist Serum & Face Oil

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Treat yourself to our specially developed 3 step skin routine.

These 3 products work together to transform your skin. Brightens, hydrates and evens out complexion with daily use.

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Step 1: Facial mist

A hydrating mist to tone, prep set and refresh.

Use before and after makeup, post workout or anytime your skin needs a pick me up. Works great after cleansing as a toner and before serums.

Fresh organic aloe vera moisturizes and heals skin and rosewater softens and balances. Bladderwrack tackles dryness and purple sea moss gives a boost of minerals to pack a punch into every spray.

For all skin types. 100ml

Step 2: Serum

A beautiful silky water like texture to give your skin a drink of water and boost radiance.

Light weightless formula is super concentrated. Use 1-2 drops and press into DAMP skin. Hyaluronic acid retains moisture, maximises collagen levels and improves texture and tone. Sea moss balances skin moisture, fights acne and rejuvenates the skin with its high level of minerals. Organic green tea and acai berry provides the skin with a burst of antioxidants, boosts radiance and helps with fine lines. 

All skin types.


Step 3: Facial oil

A luxuriously indulgent fast absorbing facial oil. A handpicked selection of 11 restorative organic oils in this powerful blend infused with sea moss and rosebuds.

Contains over 30% rosehip oil with high Vitamin C to even complexion and brighten skin. Blended with oils including precious Argan oil to nourish and regulate sebum. jojoba oil to improve skins barrier. avocado oil to provide fatty acid hydration for anti aging and evening primrose oil to enhance skin texture and elasticity. The oils are infused with seamoss and rosebuds for 8 weeks to create a magical mineral concoction.

Only 2-3 drops needed. Warm in palms to activate oils before pressing into skin. Best used with Mermoss antioxidant serum and facial mist.

For all skin types

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